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All about the angel Yefefiah.

I am Yefefiah


I am also called Yefehfiah, Jefefiyah, Jofiel, Jophiel, Iofiel, Yfin-Yufafiah and Yofiel; my names mean, "The divine beauty of the Source of the Whole of Existence".

My complement is known as the angel Dinah, also called Dina, whose names mean, "Judgment of the Source of the Whole of Existence". She bestows loyalty, truthfulness and affection. Her energy makes you slow to take offense and quick to forgive. Those individuals that yearn to become good conversationalists invoke this cheerful companion.

I also assisted in the instruction of those like the Moses in the Torah and the knowledge that became the Jewish cabala. I work along with Metatron to ensure order in the universes. I have been titled the "Preceptor Angel of the sons of Noah (Utnapushtim), whose sons were named Shem, Ham and Japhet. I have been designated by humans a great angelic chief with 53 legions of lesser Hierarchs serving me. In reality, there are no lesser angels. All angels recognize the benefit of each angel. Angels do not compete with each other as humans have in the past.

I have been seen as the spirit or intelligence of the planet Jupiter when it enters the astrological signs of Pisces and Sagittarius. According to some, I am the ruler of the planet Saturn. It was I who assisted the first humans on Earth to migrate across the planet, not just those you have called Adam and Eve.

My message to the human race at this time is one of caution and readiness. Become aware of those that would rule your world in your stead. There are beings that work for others and that they work in the service of others and so on. These are a connected group dedicated to dominate Earth and its culture. Through your love and awareness of this advertising matrix with which they have inundated your world, you can turn this around to work for you. Those they serve hold the most fear and anger. Through your loving and dedication to find the truth no matter what it appears to be or what ground it may seem to shake, you can triumph. This may include putting into perspective the worship and belief systems that were set up to hold the minds of humans subdued to control their actions.

Remember that the original matrix of the whole and the twelve is within you. You only need to reconnect with this powerful ally. Many of those that would control, do not know the power of spirit; and others pervert what they do know, as has been shown in the series of movies you call Star Wars. There is a power in the dark side when it is out of balance. It is its unknowing and overconfidence that becomes its demise.

No one needs to be deposed; you do not need to be against anyone or anything. A battle can only be fought when the combatants believe in an enemy. The "other side" is experienced as separate, and devoid of your values and understanding. You find that you desire to oppose them. That is the trap. As the character, Yoda, says, "The conflict is within you, not with another." Find the way for what you know is true instead of seeking againstness and holding this over someone or something.

The way through is to be for what you know with love and compassion so much that it is your only yearning in this life. Evil deeds and horrible things will not last against you when you are aware and have compassion. Then they only fight themselves and self-destruct. Would it not be a wonderful world if those that have lost sight, faith or true compassion found their way out of their own dwindling death spiral? This happens when we value everyone, no matter what they say or do. Even in the most horrifying circumstances and despicable actions, compassion and understanding can triumph over all.

When others do not take responsibility for crimes they have committed or through omission it is not for any of their peers to stand against them with anger and hatred. Then there are two victims of unconscious behavior: The one who will not face what he or she did, and the one seeking revenge out of fear and anger.

There is no such thing as revenge. It is an action on anger ignited by fear that consumes your life and your living vessel. The light of spirit shines dimly within those who constantly seek retribution and revenge. Forgiveness of self and others is the most profound gift when taken and practiced on a regular basis. Then there is no enemy or conflict, battle or againstness. There can be only compassion.